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Hotel de la Paix, Siem Reap -
Stylish, luxury boutique hotel in the centre of the city that aims to provide guests with a once-in-a-lifetime, spiritually uplifting experience. Describing itself as a mixture of art deco and kmer architecture (!), the hotel offers a tranquil spa and pool, modern fitness centre, arts lounge and gourmet restaurant. It encourages the interaction of guests with the neighbouring environment, fostering cross-cultural understanding. In conjunction with Bio-diesel Cambodia, it recycles waste cooking oils into bio-diesel fuel which is then used for electricity generation in remote rural areas. Most of its food is produced by local farmers who practice organic agriculture and sustainable harvesting. The hotel has an extensive responsible tourism policy, promoting many projects with its sister hotel, Shinta Mani .


URBN, Shanghai -
A junction of Chinese roots and modern lifestyle with 26 individual rooms inspired by the nature of Asian spaces -well equipped rooms with a minimal decor using natural materials. URBN Hotels sets out to be the first carbon neutral hotel in Shanghai, by purchasing 'green credits' that invest in green energy development and emission reduction projects in China -it would be nice to see more direct investment in renewable energy in the hotel itself too.
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, Yulong River, Guilin -
Countryside hotel situated amid magnificent limestone karst peaks on the banks of the Yulong River, The hotel offers twenty two stunning rooms, with river or mountain views, traditionally designed using a local, sustainable wood supply. The Retreat is a short hike to Moon Hill, and the Copper Gate Mountain, one of the best technical climbing crags in the area. The operators promote sustainable tourism in China, and the price includes a 5% green tax that goes towards green initiatives. In terms of energy, the hotel supplements the boiler's coal briquettes with agriwaste (sawdust/shredded newspaper/straw), and gray water is contained in an open septic field covered with water lilies and inhabited by snails and frogs.


Dune, Coramandel Coast, Tamil Nadu -
An eco friendly beach-hotel designed to offer soul and comfort, with 700m of idyllic sea frontage. The beach bungalows are spread over 30 acres, with a fusion of traditional and modern architecture. They were constructed using reclaimed building material from South Indian Colonial houses, Chettinad palaces and Kerala planter's mansions and are equipped with solar hot water system, low energy bulbs and a wastewater treatment Plant. The restaurant offers healthy gourmet fusion food, prepared using organically farmed vegetables, including rare exotic varieties from the garden of the French King Louis XIV. It is base for an Artists In Residence programme providing work studios for Artists from round the world and is home of  "Children Of The World India", a charitable trust with an organic model farm and a school for youngsters affected by the Tsunami. In the past, Holy Men from the nearby temples of Mahabalipuram used the scenic beach reserve as a place of pilgrimage and meditation. 

Green Hotel, Karnataka
The Chittaranjan Palace has been lovingly restored as a small hotel using traditional Indian crafts. In extensive gardens, with formal lawns, shaded pergolas, and majestic trees, it is an oasis of calm. The Green Hotel has been set up as a model of sustainable tourism, by a UK charity. All profits are distributed to charitable and environmental projects in India. Their business model aims to incorporate energy saving and environmentally aware practices and to use local Indian craft items.


El Nido Resorts, Lagen Island -
Amazing resort in the Islands with 51 beachfront and water cottages built on stilts in the most fantastic setting. They set up and run a biodiversity database of the wildlife of rainforests and mangoves on the mainland and islands such as Miniloc, Lagen and Pangulasian. They offer a range of activities including kayaking, snorkelling and fishing in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon and around the 45 islands of El Nido.
Old Bangkok Inn, Bangkok -
Family run boutique inn located in Bangkok's historic Rattanakosin Island. that has been in the same family for seven generations. Furnished with Thai golden teak, each bedroom in this historic building has been individually restored to create its own special atmosphere, combining traditional elegance with modern amenities. Their green philosophy includes working to support local community causes as well as minimising ther environmental impact.

From Responsible Travel:
Southern Leyte holiday accommodation, Philippines
Boutique hotel catering to honeymooners and newlyweds who seek privacy with first class accomodation and personal service. Facing the Pacific waters of Tahusan Bay with its wide sandy beach and clear blue sea , the hotel aims to reduce its enviromental impact through minimising energy consumption, conserving water, recycling waste and supporting local villages in their efforts to develop ecotourism that protects the mountains, caves and waterfalls of the area


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