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Estancia Don Joaqin Ecolodge, -
Rustic converted cattle ranch, offering a range of nature based activites. No cars allowed on the vast expanse of ranchland, which is slowly converting back to a more natural state.

Estancia Huechahe, -
A working cattle ranch in Argentine Patagonia, run by generations of the Wood family who have worked to produce a self-sufficient oasis and thriving cattle operation. Life at Huechahue is centred on horseriding in the beautiful, rugged and wild Patagonian steppes. Huechahue maintains traditional values and customs whilst welcoming visitors into a unique world where horses and cattle still roam free and food is home grown.

Estancias Rincon del Sorro & San Alonso -
Rincon del Sorro & San Alonso
Very well done and artistic website for 2 ecolodges on Nature reserves in Corrientes. Offering a wide range of wildlife and conservation based experiences. The lodges were sustainably built and feature organic and local menus.

Rio Manso Lodge -
A beautiful fly fishing lodge high up in the Andes Mountains with views over Lago Hess. If fishing isn't your thing there are also a range of wildlife treks, horse treks and other activities to partake in. Organic, locally produced menu.

Yacutinga Lodge -
Popular ecolodge set in dense jungle, with a vast array of flora and fauna to experience. Only a tiny amount of the complex is taken up by buildings with the rest a dedicated reserve. These buildings are made using sustainable local materials and the lodge runs education, conservation and planting sessions throughout the year.


Chalalan -
Madidi National Park
Well known community project, beautifully situated in a jungle national park and next to an amazing lagoon. Owned by the Quechua. Uses only sustainable methods for eating, cooking, cleaning and living. The lodge also helps to support the local community, preventing economic migration.


La Estancia Eco Lodge -
Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca
This popular ecolodge is found on the sacred Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca and has stunning views of the mountains as well as the lake itself. It is staffed by locals, making it the perfect base from which to experience the lake and its surroundings. Uses solar power, composting and recycling amongst other eco-friendly measures.


San Miguel del Bala Eco Lodge -
San Miguel del Bala
Community eco-tourism project run by the indigenous Tacana. The area is all national park and offers great opportunities for naturalists to experience the bolivian jungle. The lodge itself was produced using sustainable and natural methods and composts or recycles all of its waste.



Acajatuba Jungle Lodge -
Beautiful and natively styled treetop lodge found deep in the Brazilian Amazon. Offers great opportunities to relax and experience the rain forest environment. Follows ecologically friendly principles and has no electricity.

Amazon Village Jungle Lodge -
Based on Native construction methods, this lodge is a perfect base for exploring the jungle. Offers a wide range of tours and activites for every type of guest. Features sustainable construction methods and environmental controls on the surrounding area.


Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge -
Anavilhanas archipelago
Described by the New York Times as the most elegant jungle lodge in the Amazon, this lodge has all the modern conveniences a traveler could want and is perfectly placed on the banks of the Rio Negro. The loge is also extremely environmentally aware, with features such as sewage treatment, recycling and environmentally controlled planning all part of its make up.


Barranco Alto Lodge -
Ferzando Barranco Alto
Truly stunning location of a beautiful lodge that offers fantastic contact with the wildlife of the Brazilian pantantal (including giant otters), while being situated next to an intricate network of rivers and lagoons. Follows ecological principles and implements a conservation program for locals as well as the farm.

Pousada Villa Tamarindo Eco Lodge, Florianopolis Island -
Colourful, beachside lodge offering relaxation and a wide variety of activites, including "eco sports" (!?) and whale watching. The lodge works on sustainable principles, and has a huge ecological policy, which includes education in the community, sustainable design and water recycling, amongst other measures.


Ecolodge Itororo -
Nova Friburgo
Very simple and cozy rustic cabins in the rainforest just 140km North of Rio de Janeiro. Features natural pools and waterfalls alongside a range of activities in the jungle. The lodge works at protecting the environment through a range of measures and education programs.



Fiordo Queulat -
Queulat National Park
Lodge strategically located on a picturesque fjord in Queulat National Park on Western Aisen, five miles form the entrance to the "Ventisquero Colgante" (Hanging Glacier) and five hours north from Coyhaique. The lodge has four beautiful cabins made of native wood and a comfortable clubhouse to relax by the chimney watching the tides. Each cabin is heated with wood stoves and has private bathroom and meals are served in the Club House, with regional products prepared in a wood burning kitchen.Activities include glacier and rainforest treks, sea kayaking, birdwatching and fly fishing. Have a look at the photos of the setting -looks amazing!

Mallin Colorado Eco Lodge, Lake General Carrera -
Beautiful lodge in Patagonia catering to just eighteen guests. Situated next to a beautiful lake, there is a vast expanse of Patagonia open for exploration. The area has a uniquely mild microclimate as a result of the ice field to the west, and has excellent opportunities for walking. Uses all natural sustainable products for the interior and exterior of the cabins, with eco-friendly wood heating systems.


Nevados de Sollipulli Lodge -
Campsite made up of a series of "space domes", in the heart of the mountains. Describes itself as the gateway to Chilean Patagonia and offers great opportunities to visit the local wildlife and attractions, including volcano treks and guiser walks. The camp itself is fairly low impact - obviously the lack of buildings makes it more sustainable, but features all the mod-cons.


El Cantil -
Beautiful lodge on Colombia's Pacific coast, offering a raft of incredible experiences including whale watching, scuba diving and kayaking through the jungle.

Pijiba Lodge -
Another stunning lodge on the Pacific Coast. Again featuring fantastic whale watching and scuba diving experiences. Winner of an Ecotourism excellence award, for its environmental protection efforts, in 2000. No electricity.

Estado Natural -
San Bernardo del Viento
Picturesque location on the Caribbean Sea, close to Cartagena. Right on the beach, but with jungle behind, the lodge offers a fantastic opportunity to view the natural world. Extremely environmentally conscious with composting toilets, mangrove reforestation and local education projects an important part of the lodge's mission.


Black Sheep Inn -
An ecologically friendly hotel high in the Andes five hours from the capital, Quito. Winners of many awards for sustainable tourism, they have a strong environmental policy and are accredited by the Asociacion Ecuatoriana de Ecoturismo.The inn provides an excellent base for day hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, acclimating and exploring native indian markets.

El Monte Cloudforest Lodge -
A sustainably managed ecolodge, with private cabins in verdant cloud forest. Most of the land is maintained as cloud forest, with low impact meals and the lodge's philosophy is to maintain a low impact form of tourism.

Kapawi Ecolodge -
A World famous lodge, deep in the Amazon Jungle. Working in partnership with the indigegenous Archuar people, the lodge promotes environmental policies in the region as well as implementing composting toilets, recycling and solar power and heating for the lodge itself.

Reserva Ecologica Pachijal, Mindo -

A small eco and birding Lodge located in 100Ha of Cloud Forest near Mindo. Features a roof terrace with panoramic view where you can observe the amazing biodiversity of the region. They offer accommodation only, wildlife viewing and birding packages


Sani Lodge -
Sani Isla, nr Coca
Remote lodge, reached only by dugout canoe along the Rio Napo from Coca. Promotes ecotourism and sustainable conservation measures to the local community and its guests. Uses solar power.

San Jorge Ecolodges -
Various locations
A collection of Ecolodges situated around the country. The lodges have all the mod-cons, but also take on volunteers and have a focused area of conservation. The areas are botany, hummingbirds, orchids and birds and a wildlife sanctury.

Yachana Lodge -
2.5hrs by canoe from Coca
Award winning and immensely popular ecolodge found deep in the Amazon, Yachana also has extremely comfortable rooms. The lodge works towards local education alongside its personal conservation efforts, which include solar power, organic meals and recycling, amongst other methods.


Rockview Lodge -
A small family run lodge found on the Savannah of central Guyana where the Rainforest and Mountains meet. The lodge is very friendly and can be very helpful in terms of organising excurisions around the region. The owners have a very good relationship with the locals and run joint conservation efforts together with large NGOs.

Shanklands Rainforest Reserve -
1 hour drive from Georgetown
A large scale resort that also includes a reserve of 125 hectares of primary rainforest. The lodge offers both luxurious and budget accommodation, along with a range of activities for guests to take part in. The reserve promotes ecologically sensitive tourism in partnership with local communities.


Amarakaeri Eco Lodge -
Manu, Cusco
Rustic lodge situated in a large reserve just two hours from Cusco. The lodge itself has a rustic feel, uses recycled rainwater and also takes on volunteers to teach English and conservation to the locals, through a library and education program.

Aqua Expeditions -
The Peruvian Amazon
Not technically an Ecolodge, but the M/V Aqua is the first luxury vessel to cruise the Amazon. The company offers a collectionThe vessel also treats the river water for safe usage and uses low emission engines.

Ecoamazonia Lodge -
Puerto Maldonado, Cusco
Another beautifully located lodge deep in the jungle, but also featuring most of the mod-cons of a city lodge. Despite this the lodge uses solar power on many buildings, implements a recycling program and also runs conservation classes.

Pampa Hermosa Lodge -
Chanchamayo nr. San Ramon
Beautiful location in the stunning Peruvian Amazon, surrounded by rainforest. The lodge describes itself as a waterfall paradise and offers the opportunity to see a lot of the reserve's stunning wildlife and flora. Traditional style cabañas, with not electricity and promoting ecologically friendly measures to the local community.

Tambopata Lodge -
Madre de Dios, Cusco
The lodge was founded in 1991 and prides itself on being small and well run as a result. It is located on the banks of the Madre de Dios, in dense jungle and presents a fantastic opportunity to experience Peru's nature. The lodge uses solar power, sustainable building designs and aims to implement its own program to protect the surrounding rainforest.


De la Costa Eco Lodge -
Henri Pittier National Park
An absolutely beautiful location on Venezuela's Caribbean coastline, showcasing azure waters and swathes of marine life. Loads of marine related activities in Venezuela's oldest national park. All the buildings have energy and water saving features and have been designed to maximise the habitat space for wildlife.

Also operate Cienega Coral Lagoon Lodge which is in a bay accessable only by sea and right on the waterfront.

El Cedral -
Another well made website showcases the wildlife experiences that can be had at El Cedral Ranch including Anacondas, Pink dolphins, capibaras and a range of other wildlife that makes this area world famous. The lodge and its surroundings have featured in many natural publications and the reserve itself is what makes it important.

Orinco Delta Lodges -
Orinco Delta
A collection of lodges providing comfortable accommodation in native style cabins. The lodge aims to be low impact and also works with the local people towards conservation and education efforts. Volunteer/Work Experience Program.

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