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Finding general advice on travel

Here are some useful links to sites providing general travel information. There is lots of mis-information on the internet, so do start with official resources -tourist boards and the like. If you have particular questions that are best answered by someone who has already visited a particular destination, then try and post something on one of the better known travel forums.

For visa information, the most reliable source will invariably be the Embassy or Consulate of the country you are visiting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has dowloadable lists on embassies in the UK or there is a worldwide database on Escape Artist. Never hand money over to somebody who says they can arrange something that otherwise does not seem possible through official channels. A number of Embassies now seem to operate premium rate phone lines -we believe these should not be allowed, particularly in the case of government organisations providing official advice, and would discourage you from using them.

If there is a possibility of a security threat or other significant problem within a country, then have a look at the advice provided by the FCO.

Useful Resources -passports, visas, security, facts

  • Across the Divide -charity challenges and expedition management, charity treks, charity bike rides, charity projects, kayaking, rafting and corporate challenges.
  • CIA World Factbook -information on just about every country in the world.
  • Contact Expats -if you are buying, living, retiring, moving, studying, touring, trekking, working, being posted or just visiting abroad, then this is the place to find expatriates and old friends.
  • Escape artist -searchable directory of embassies and consulates around the world. This is a very useful resource as you can search for embassies from a country to the rest of the world, or other countries' embassies within that country.
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office -official advice on which countries to avoid, visa requirements, and much more. Download lists of Embassies in the UK.
  • Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System -GDACS gives near real-time alerts about natural disasters around the world with maps showing affected areas.
  • International Circuit -Features unbiased travel reviews of hotels, restaurants, vacations and tourist attraction along with articles about history, culture and weather for top vacation destinations worldwide.
  • Passport Office -the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) is the official body responsible for issuing UK passports and ID cards -here you can find al;l the information you need on applying for or renewing your passport..
  • Real Holiday Reports -feedback on holidays and vacation apartments by UK travellers.
  • Transitions abroad -huge guide to working abroad, study abroad, international living and independent travel overseas -aimed at US users but lots of useful information.
  • Travelmag -the magazine for independant travel.
  • Travel Notes: Very organized travel directory providing country/state information, reviewed web sites, regular travel articles, and online ticketing for car hire, hotel reservations and discounted flights.
  • United Kingdom Passport Service -The United Kingdom Passport Service (UKPS) gives advice on application, renewal and amendments of passports for British nationals resident in the UK, together with visa requirements for other countries.
  • Visaservice is a visa/passport processing agency based in London -it processes applications for UK residents, visitors to the UK, and residents from other countries.
  • - Travel & Tourism Information, Tools and Resources.

Tourist boards

These give information on tourist attractions, events, transport, accommodation from luxury hotels to hostels and camping:


  • Met Office -fantastically comprehensive site with UK weather forecasts, including severe weather warnings. They also have tons of researched information on the effects of global warming.
  • Online Weather -global weather reports and links for UK, Ireland and the world.

Ethical Travel

  • Department for Transport -information on climate change and sustainable travel from the Government.
  • Ethical Traveller -a US based site, from the Earth Island Institute conservation programme -publishes some useful guidelines for ethical travel.
  • Sustainable School Travel Database -information issued by the DFES for schools about sustainable travel -loads of useful papers and other sources of information.

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