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It seems that just about every yacht charter company seems to be claiming their boats are eco-friendly. There is no doubt that in environmental terms, nothing beats a holiday powered solely by the elements. Nonetheless there are issues -getting to your port of embarkation and any movement under engine power is less than ideal.

However there are innovative solutions to be found. Lagoon now offer a hybrid powered catamaran that uses the propellors to recharge a bank of batteries when under sail -you can hire these from Bareboats BVI, Other innovative solutions include solar powered electric boats and engines designed to run on Biodiesel.....and if you are not convinced about bio-fuels, then have a look at Craig Loomes Earthrace which is attempting to set round the world records.


Sail a three masted schooner

Schooner Sail -
Spectacular sailing holidays on the three masted schooner, Trinovante. Schooner Sail is a small business offering hands on sailing holidays where people can be part of the crew -everyone plays a full role in sailing the ship and there is a strong emphasis on developing good seamanship skills and sail training. Sail coastal day trips or challenging offshore voyages and Tall Ship events in groups of up to eight people -every group gets sail training from day one. Read more in their blog at

Eco Boat Builders and Products

  • Anglia Boatbuilders Association -forum for the boat builders of Norfolk & Suffolk -the site includes a good study on eco boats covering topics from waste disposal to innovative propulsion systems.
  • Arnold Friedling -designer of an ingenious hydrofoil sailing yacht -would be interesting to see how well it sailed.
  • Craig Loomes Design -Craig's New Zealand based company are builders of the Earthracer BioDiesel Experimental Racing Boat that is attempting to circumnavigate the globe in record time using 100% biodiesel fuel -see also Earthrace.
  • E Motion Hybrids -plug in hybrid electric drives for your boat from this Florida based specialist company.
  • -extensive and excellent, if somewhat confusing blog about the greening of yacht Sean Seymour -loads of info on hybrid technology and environmentally clean propulsion technolgies.
  • Kite for Sail -advanced wind propulsion technology from Hawaiian Dan Tracy -using kites for propulsion.
  • Mitchell Yatchts -Devon based manufacturer of Explorer, a two-berth micro-yacht with environmentally-friendly construction -described as the sea-going equivalent of a mountain bike and tent.
  • Oz Marine -Swedish company producing energy saving devices for your yacht -solar panels, hybrid electric motors and other energy related products.
  • Riptide Products -environmentally friendly bio-degradable boat cleaning products that are not harmful to the marine environment.
  • Solar Navigator -
  • Solar Sailor -this Australian company produces a range of rather beautiful hybrid powered ferries, pleasure cruisers and houseboats.
  • -all about small solar powered lectric boats.
  • Tamarack Electric Boat Company -Canadian company producing a range of electric and solar powered boats for lake use.
  • Volitan -award winning futuristic solar powered yacht, the "flying fish", by designnobis.
  • Yamko Design -Stephanie Krücke's revolutionary kite powered yacht Kitano.

Sailing and Yachting UK

  • British Offshore Sailing School -based at Hamble Point Marina, the school offers a comprehensive range of Royal Yachting Association practical and shore based sailing courses, from introductory sailing weekends for beginners right through to sailing courses for Ocean Yachtmasters and RYA Instructors. They also run ladies only RYA sailing courses run by RYA qualified lady skippers.
  • Classic Sailing -hands on' sailing holidays and RYA courses in Cornwall as the crew of Brigs and Brigantines, naval style Schooners, Falmouth working boats, pilot cutters and classic yachts.
  • Keewaydin -
  • Royal Yachting Association -the official RYA site containing the latest information from all clubs and regional departments.
  • Welsh Yachting Association -governing body for sailing, windsurfing and boating in Wales.
  • Yachting Partners International -if you are seriously rich then this is the place to go to buy or charter a luxury yacht. If not, then you can look at the pictures and dream.
  • Yachts and Yacting -online magazine devoted to performance sailing -information on weather and tides, events, news, clubs, classified ads.

Sailing and Yachting Worldwide

  • Adriatic Classica Nautica -offer a fleet of ketch yachts from 20-27m to charter around the islands of Croatia.
  • Aquacruise -private yacht charters in the south of France and Western Mediterranean.
  • Caribbean Motor Yachts -cruise the Caribbean in style from their bases at Nanny Cay Marina on the Island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Centurion Yachting -learn to sail and sailing holidays in Turkey.
  • Isicia II -bareboat and chartered hire in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean around Italy, Greece or Turkey on a luxury sailing yacht -suitable for all experience levels.
  • Kasapoglu Yachting -operators of three Turkish Guillets operating the Aegean coast of Turkey.
  • Lagoon -now offer a hybrid powered catamaran in their 420 range -
  • Maine Windjammers -sail an owner-operated historic tall ship and experience the coast of Maine's scenic beauty from the sea.
  • Meet Under Sails -sailing holidays for singles and groups in the Mediterranean.
  • Minorca Sailing -one of the best equipped sailing and windsurfing centres -based on the Balearic island of Menorca.
  • Neilson -flotilla, villa flotilla and independent charter yachting holidays to Greece, Turkey and Croatia.
  • Odyssey Sailing -yacht charter sailing holidays in Greece.
  • Poseidon Charters -yacht charter and flotilla holidays in the Aegean -Greek Islands and Croatia. with an extensive range of yachts up to 65 feet. The company aims to promote responsible tourism making effort to preserve the sea and marine environment by doing beach, sea and harbor cleanups, recycling and of course maximizing sailing time without engines.
  • is a quotation & booking service for bareboat sailing & crewed motor & sailing yacht holiday charters in Greece, comprised of a network of licensed Greek charter companies and individual yacht owners.
  • Seafarer Sailing Holidays -flotilla holidays and yacht charter in the Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey, Croatia) and Caribbean, at a variety of levels. Training courses available too. They aim to respect the natural environment and staff will advise on issues such as use of appropriate eco friendly detergents, correct use of holding tanks, conserving water, disposing of rubbish responsibly and supporting local events.
  • Sunsail -a leading provider of yacht charter and watersports sailing holidays. They have clubs in Antigua, Greece and Turkey or you can charter a yacht worldwide.
  • Wilderness Scotland -combine sailing and walking with trips to Skye and St Hilda on a traditional gaff cutter yacht.
  • Windward Islands -worldwide yacht charter - both crewed or self-crew - caribbean, south pacific, mediterranean, indian ocean, north & south america.

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