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Forums and discussion boards are a great place to find out specific information about your trip from someone who has been there. However the answers are generally based on personal experiences, so treat them with a pinch of salt.

You should read the rules of any forum before posting, and also check that your question has not been posted before. Travel forums tend to be strict on rules, so don't just sound-off as you may find your post deleted.

Probably the most comprehensive forum is the Thorn Tree by Lonely Planet -do look at their Responsible Travel section as well as the country guides.

  • Been There -not so much a forum, but the Guardian's travel site allows readers to add their own tips about places they've been to.
  • Bootsnall -huge online travel notice board.
  • Care2 -ecotourism and responsible travel group from the campaigning online network.
  • Fodors Forums -not quite as elegant or well populated as rival offering, The Thorn Tree, but worth a look nonetheless.
  • Planeta -the discussion board of the online journal of ecotourism -discussions are divided into regional areas and topical issues
  • South American Explorers -discussion boards for Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.
  • Thorn Tree -Lonely Planet's bulletin board for travellers to exchange information. Individual boards include country specific postings as well as assorted travel information.
  • TravellersPoint -discuss travel plans, find a travel companion, share ideas and tips and learn more about travelling destinations; keep in touch with travel friends after returning home.
  • Yahoo Groups -Green Travel -huge number of posts unfortunately not well categorised.

If you have lots to say about your own experiences, then you may wish to start your own travel blog.

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