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Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family while you are travelling. It is much more immediate than sending postcards and available to a wider audience. The possibility for readers to post comments means that it can be a two way dialogue too.

The simplest way to set up a blog is to open a free account with (run by Google). It is very straightforward and you can be up and running straight away -all you need is an email account to register.


Travel Blog Sites

  • BootsnAll -get your own travel blog on this all-purpose travel site, and keep in touch with the folks back home. Membership free.
  • Blogger -get your own blog free with Google.
  • is an online travel resource for anyone wishing to submit their experiences or stories about travel, adventure or interesting life experiences.
  • Orbis -a directory of select travelogues.
  • Travelblog -a collection of readers travel journals, diaries and photos from around the world -you can add your blog for free.

Notable Blogs

  • Vagablogging -blog by award winning travel writer Rolf Potts -his articles have been published in Condé Nast, National Geographic and The Guardian.


Travel Magazines:

  • Time Out -city travel guides to hotels, restaurants, shops and events from the publishers of what started out as a magazine of what's on in London.
  • Vagabondish -
  • Wanderlust -

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